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Whey On Ice is a genuinely Portuguese company, focused on healthy eating and fitness market.

All over the world, millions of people are looking for healthier, more practical and tastier food.
Whey On Ice aims to reach this consumer segment by offering a range of healthy, nutritionally balanced and practical products for fast consumption. These products are also free of sugars, carbohydrates and fats, thus translating into an innovation at meal time, always with flavor, which provides support to those who want to maintain a balanced lifestyle.


Provide innovative products for Nutrition, Health and Welfare, promoting Quality of Life, Fitness, Vitality, Energy and Equilibrium


Ethics, Environmental Sustainability, Epatia, Joy, People Grooming, Innovation / Creativity, Open to Customers, Customer Satisfaction


Be remembered as an innovative company in Functional Nutrition, contributing to a Healthy Lifestyle.


What do our consumers say?

Because consumer opinion is important, we decided to share the experiences of our consumers to different WOI Lines



Line Gym and Viva, Two lines, flavor to fold!

Line Gym

The GYM line, aimed at the athlete's dietary supplement, is composed of ice creams whose composition has Whey Protein alone (12gr). Produced with lactose-free milk, without added sugars and sweetened with sucralose, with a low amount of carbohydrates.

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Line Vida

The VIDA Line is a range intended for anyone of any age, which offers, in addition to the benefits of Whey Protein alone (2 g), has an increase in substances that are recognized as beneficial to health, such as collagen, beta-carotene, guarana and melatonin.

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Why is our ice cream good for our health?

It is an ice cream free of saturated fats, hydrogenated and lactose (milk sugar). Our ice creams are made with whey protein, which helps in the recovery of people's muscle mass, sweetened with sucralose, the most popular sweetener in the sports nutrition industry, since it does not include "extra calories "Of common sugar. In addition, in Line VIDA, we use only 2% of Whey Protein, so that there is a safe consumption for all ages, plus the benefits of fruits, since it is made with fruit pulp and still enriched with natural substances that, admittedly, bring benefits to everyone's health. Some of these benefits are: the recovery of tissues, nails, hair and ligaments by the application of collagen; the stimulating energy of the Amazonian guaraná; the improvement in the tanning quality and the use of solar rays, with the addition of beta-carotene; the power of relaxation, with the ingestion of melatonin. All this is part of the composition of Whey On Ice ice creams, in quantities that allow safe use for all types of people and any age groups.


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